Think back to the plagues of Egypt.  Frogs, darkness, blood, insects.  The plagues were too much of something that already existed.  There were no plagues of dragons or emus.  Same for the plagues of Europe:  Too strong strains of sicknesses that already existed.

Being crazy is the same.  Everyone is afraid at some time, but fear can become a plague.  Nightmares happen, but when they run rampant in your waking life they’re a plague. And soon after a loved one dies, many people audibly hear his or her voice  – it’s a normal thing.  But some of us hear voices much more often.  Every symptom or disorder has a natural counterpoint in sane people, but it becomes a plague when it happens too much, too intensely, too frequently ….

So far, here’s some of the highlights:

The trinity  of time, memory, and voice
Invisible spirals  the construction and experience of time
Why do I have to be the girl?   it wasn’t fair … my brother didn’t have to be a girl
Adoption as sons
Shifting from I to you
Touch the neurons     Summer 
The day before St. Peter
   bullying and hell
St. Peter and the trees   the trees are brightly calling me
Seth and the preacher     getting molested when you’re already psychotic
Chakra burning      getting rid of the hot self
Tribe    where is my tribe, those who understand?


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