2 thoughts on “Paranoia: Day 5

  1. You are not paranoid, or you would not put your blog on the internet. How is that for a paradox?
    I had a blog like yours and have now set it to private, so in theory only I can see it.

    Anyways, my advice on paranoia, in my experience, the treatment is to get outside (daylight hours) into the water, woods or forest ( bring DEET mosquito repellent) , stay outside until you can feel the paranoia is gone. Myself this can take two to three hours of having open sky ( or trees) above me, and mostly sounds of nature. As any animal in a cage goes insane, humans also go insane from being in a city or inside a man made room .

    11AM until 3 PM you can burn in the UV of the sunlight so plan accordingly so not to get burnt, if you care to try it.


    1. 🙂 I am trying to give “sane” people a view into real psych experiences. But you’re right — at the height of paranoia, I could not write. I’ve also have decided to go public. For now. I like the sun idea a lot — things are so much worse in the winter. When I get really paranoid, though, I don’t know — when I think everyone is out to get me, want to change all doctors … does sun really truly help? I’ll be sitting out there in February trying it.

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